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Chicken 26g

Cina 26g

Anchovy 26g

Kampung 26g

Deep Fry 26g

Chicken 72g

Cina 72g

Anchovy 26g

Kampung 72g

Deep Fry 72g

Black Pepper 38g

Seasoned Flour Spicy 90g

Origin: Malaysia

SERI-AJI® is a menu-specific seasoning that provides a quick and easy way to cook a variety of delicious fried rice dishes and home-made dishes. It is a complete seasoning powder thus oil free which is cleaner to prepare if compared to paste-based seasoning. SERI-AJI® seasoning is made from natural ingredients without neither preservatives nor artificial colouring. And because it is simple to cook, it will benefit those who are always busy such as working professionals, those living alone and those living away from the family.