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Specialty Chemicals

Being a pioneer in amino acid based personal care ingredients, AJINOMOTO has created an original product concept by expanding its product line-up with outstanding techniques and capabilities for developing brand new unique ingredients. The concepts of using amino acids to developing the ingredients was determine from researching on the market needs. Thereafter, the product design and function evaluation were realised through studies of basic physicochemical properties, safety, potential combinations, and sensory considerations before proceeding to manufacture. AJINOMOTO personal care ingredients were thoughtfully developed combining human-friendly and environmental-friendly amino acids to meet current market needs.


Skin and Amino Acids

Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) is the natural moisturizing substance found within the stratum corneum of human skin. It plays an essential role in maintaining the moisture content of the skin with amino acids being the most abundant components.

The human skin collagen found in the dermis plays an important role in maintaining the skin elasticity. It has an amino acid constitution similar to silk protein, which consist of glycine and alanine in abundance.


Hair and Amino Acids

Keratin proteins derived from amino acids account for about 80% of the components which constitute human hair. Other components include water, lipids and melanin. Since the scalp is skin, amino acids are essential to keeping it well-nourished and ready to promote healthy hair growth. Amino acids such as L-Cyteine, L-Methionine and L-Serine are known to promote hair growth.


Environmentally friendly personal care ingredients

Amino acids are abundant both in nature and in the human body. They are important components of nutrients and the structural elements of the body. Being present in nature, amino acids are extremely environmentally friendly and highly biodegradable.


ECOCERT approved personal care ingredients

In line with The Ecological Business Model for the Ajinomoto Group, many of our products are approved by ECOCERT.


Our high-quality products are provided worldwide through our global network.

As a global pioneer in amino acids and science - AminoScience - Ajinomoto Co. is expanding its R&D, production and sales network to Europe, the US, South America and Asia, thus contributing to the health, nutrition, and beauty of people worldwide. We are continuously developing new ingredients and products of the highest quality.


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