"HON-DASHI®" is Ajinomoto's flagship product. It is popular with Japanese chefs for almost every dish they make, from miso soup to tempura sauce. Translated as "real-broth", "HON-DASHI®" is made from the highest quality dried bonito or seaweed essence combined with other flavourings. "HON-DASHI®" has a milder, less obtrusive taste than salt or sugar, so it mixes well with almost anything. Try adding a small amount of "HON-DASHI®", it'll make an enormous difference!

Origin: Japan
150g (50g x 3 sachets); 65g (bottle)


Dried Bonito/ Dried Bonito flakes

Bonito boiled and smoke-dried. A good bonito has clear sounds when tapped. Dried bonito flakes are shaved from dried bonitos.

Dried Kelp

A type of seaweed. It usually is dried, non-perishable and comes in thick pieces.